My Colourpop Addiction

Hi fellow makeup lovers, friends, clients, Colourpop Anonymous members,

I have thought long and hard about what my first blog post would be about and it only made sense to discuss my undying love for the affordable and amazing, Colourpop!

If you are not familiar with the brand, they are a fairly new company that makes very affordable long lasting products that will indeed take your breath away (and other peoples breath because you will be looking so fly that they might need and inhaler, okay?!). Their products range from their most coveted Ultra Matte Lips to their Pearlized Highlighters (Flexitarian is my favorite!). With the craze of Matte Liquid Lips Colourpop rose to fame by selling liquid lips that didn't break the bank. Most companies charging $20 for one tube of their Matte Liquid Lip when Colourpop was charging $6 for the same amount in a wider array of colors! With launches like their Hello Kitty Collection to teaming up with big wig you tubers like Kathleen Lights... they surely do not disappoint with the newest of the new trends! They know what the people want! 

The best part about these beautiful beauty buys (BBB... hey!) is that they are insanely affordable! A Super Shock Shadow is only $5 and their Pearlized highlighters are priced at $8 each. Cha Ching! A makeup junkies dream... who couldn't resist?! You could literally get your entire makeup wardrobe for under $100 with shipping. What is this sorcery?! 

Now, even though these are affordable I would not just be raving about them because of the simple fact they cost less than most drug store companies. This is coming from the girl who would justify spending $100 on a limited edition Chanel highlighter (crazy I know but it was all in the name of the SLAY).

For real though, this company knows what they are producing and has it down to a science. Their shadows are creamy and beautiful with shades so vibrant and multidimensional you will think you are touring the cosmos! The Ultra Matte Lips have a staying power like no other. You can eat, drink, sweat, kiss... the list goes on! I have literally woken up after a long night with friends and forgot to take off my makeup (God Forbid... don't be like me) and this liquid lip was STILL ON my lips! Hell to the yeah! Where is the sign up sheet to FABULOUS?!?! 

Ok Ok... this post was not sponsored and I am not getting paid to say this, but if you are a makeup lover and like to look fresh with the trendiest colors and long lasting staying power within a budget... check out Colourpop! You will not be disappointed ;)


Your local Colourpop Anonymous Member... Sofia <3